About Me

My name is Beat Chenwi Abongia, I am a 34 year old,  African. Cameroonian by nationality. I have a twin sister, named Beatrice. Me, I am a very simple person, understanding, jovial, social, lovely, smart, and like creating friendship all round the globe. I also like traveling a lot, I have been to 5 African countries between the age of 22 to 34. I have also been to Asia and China. 

I am  a computer technician by profession. Besides Computer sciences, I also added medicines, i.e. using African natural plants from leaves, stems, tree barks and seeds in the form of products to heal the sick.

I am open to any good willing person who wishes to know more about African traditional medicines. 




12 Responses to About Me

  1. beatguy3 says:

    That’s great. I Love this. It’s powerful

  2. irene slawson says:

    You have a very nice web page and you sound like a very nice guy. Good luck with your endeavors!

    • beatguy3 says:

      Happy 2015 to you Irene. Thanks for the comments you made on my Word press since the 29/03/2012. Sorry that it’s only today after 3 years that i am seeing it. But don’t be angry we can continue to cmmunicate, thank you.

  3. This will be a wonderful site, Beat. With your powerful story you are sure to have success in life.

    • beatguy3 says:

      Thanks a million my greatest boss Debi. I am just too proud of you. You’re really an exemplary boss, and same time mom of wonderful morals. My life is just complete with you..

  4. Diane Pringle says:

    Your website is very nice. So you are a twin. I had triplets boys that are now 31! I also have a daughter that is 33, married, and living in New York. Too far from me.

    • beatguy3 says:

      Dear Diane,
      I am so thankful for the nice comments you made on my Word press website since 14/05/2012. I am really sorry that i am seeing it just this year, 2015 that is after 03 years. Yes i am a twin, but with a lady she is call Beatrice. How are your triplets boys doing?? I am sure they must be 34 years old now, since you wrote to me last time when they were just 31. How is your daughter also, the one that is living in New York city in America? I am sure you always do communicate with her. I will like to hear from you again, if at all you’re still visiting this website. Once more thank you so much. Have a nice evening..

  5. Aghamba Jacobel (Niceman) says:

    Good to access your web page. It gives details about you. I look forward to make many more discoveries about you via this page as time goes on.

  6. Maria Badi says:

    Yes, this are a nice web page, give more details about you and about your country history. Yes, sure you we have success in life.

    • beatguy3 says:

      Dear Maria,
      Thank you very much for the good comments you made on my Word press website since 10/02/2013. I am sorry that since 2 years that you made the comments, it’s ONLY this year 2015, that i am seeing it, and i want to us to continue communications and forge ahead. I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Edward Akunji says:

    Great to know and read about your latest adventures. i always enjoy your moves. Didnt know you are now a prophet

    • beatguy3 says:

      Hi, thanks a lot for your comments Mr. Akunji. How is everything with you? Yes indeed we need to stand apart and serve God, so that we succeed also in life. How is Limbe? Thanks once more and God bless you. Every prophecy i gave must come to pass in Jesus Mighty name,,,,,,,,,,,Amen.

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