My story Continues. Part 2

About my Siblings: I have four sisters starting from the oldest.  My first elder sister is call Priscilia, second is Marine, third is Beatrice, my twin and the last is Emmaculate.

Prisiclia, is more than 10 years my senior, so she is 44, she has 5 children. My parents take care for the younger kids. Her first 3 children are girls, Rosweta, Merci, and Miriam. Rosweta and Merci are both married and each have 2 children, so you see that my elder sister Priscilia is now a grand-mom. Miriam is still studying in high school. The last 3 children are all boys, Victory, Frank, and Franklin. Both Frank and Franklin are twin.  Here in Africa-Cameroon, a woman that give birth to twin children is call MANYI.

Marine is older than me by four years and she is happily married to Mr. Emmanuel Angwere, and they have four grown up children. Marine gave birth to twins also, but of mixed sex a boy and girl, Bless and Blessing respectively. They are about 16 years old. The last two girls are Asakwa, 11years old, and Akumawa, 5 years old. Marine has been married for more than 20 years and she really has a great marriage. She serves as an assistant accountant with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon in a village call Nkambe.

Beatrice my twin sister is married too, has two children, a boy and a girl, Junior and Karencia respectively. Junior is 5 years old, and Karencia 3 years old. Beatrice is very active, and has computer knowledge also. She is connected to Facebook.

I am a father of 1 lovely daughter call Beavette Abongia. That’s my daughters name. She is still too young, lol..

Emmaculate, my only younger sister is 28 years old and she is the last daughter of my parents. She is an artist and specialist in composing gospel songs. She was married and has 2 children, a girl and a boy, Paulette 6 years old and Prince still very young only 7 months old. Emmaculate is a very social, open, and smart young lady, struggling to make a good  life for her children.

This is what I can offer you for now about my siblings. All of us are really trying to have a better life.  We are all struggling to make life better here in my country.


About beatguy3

My warmest regards to everyone. My name is Dr. Beat C. Abongia. I am an open and a social person from one black African nation Cameroon. I am a Researcher on African Natural plants (Healing Herbs) for both "Slimming" & "Cleansing". I am 34years old, and I do that believe that, I am honest, sincere, smart, and like creating new friendship around the world only with serious-minded people. If you're really suffering from OBESITY, you need to quickly see me!!!! I have very powerful natural African herbs, that acts like a laxative, and at the same time a fat burner & cleanser. My products name in my dialect "Efouh-firi" has the capabilities of making one loose 2kgs-3kgs in a week, thereby reducing excess fats and Cholesterol in the body. I have been to China twice for testing these products, and they are fit for human consumption. Also Women suffering from infertility, who needs to properly clean their FALLOPIAN TUBES and the Uterine walls, should not fail to contact me. Thanks a lot for reading through my profiles. You are blessed as you have just read, just click now to contact me, thanks.
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