About Me :I was born and grew up in a small county in Acha-Tugi,  where my parents settled. I was born on the 26-01-1978. My parents Mr. & Mrs. Abongia Martin/ Grace took proper care of me while I was a kid. The hospital I was born in was constructed by the Presbyterian Mission in Cameroon, and so many Missionary Doctors from Germany, have come and worked here. Acha-Tugi is located some 65 Km away from Bamenda capital city of the North West Region of Cameroon, and just about some 25 Km from my native village Tinechung-Ngie.  Here they gave birth to 5 of us, me and my four sisters. My father worked as an Eye nurse for an Ophthalmologist,  Dr. Elizabeth Hertz, a German Missionary doctor to Cameroon, for more than 25 years and throughout his services there, he planned well and constructed a small 5 room house where we all grew up.

I am a twin with my sister Beatrice, and we both attended a nursery school in a Missionary camp. I am proud to say that we obtained quality nursery education and training from the German missionary,  Dr. & Mrs. Wm. Marleen Munting, who are now retired in the Federal Republic of Germany. They had children, Rehema, Timon, and Jessica, whom we studied with. It was really a good base. My father taught me on how read, write, spell and dictations. That is how I came to know English language. In 1982, I continued my primary education in Presbyterian School Acha-Tugi, where we were promoted straight into grade two because of the quality nursery education we have had from the missionary doctors.  My sister and I did really doing well in school, clever and so everyone came to notice our brilliance. I completed Primary School within 6 years and finally had my First School  Certificate. I think that in America they call it a diploma.

With this certificate I was ripe for the Secondary Education with my twin sister Beatrice. We both went to the Government Bilingual High School Mbengwi MOMO, where we spent 6 years studying. While in secondary school, I was now mature and making so many friends. I was interested in socials. I joined student clubs in school and participate in many activities. My teachers seemed to like me very much, especially the science tutors, because I was doing better in the science subjects. History and literature were my worse subjects, including French Language. Each time these teachers came for their period to teach  us, I would  escape from the classes. I really hated these subjects. However, my best subjects were in order of merit, English Language, Physics, Biology, Human Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and COMPUTER SCIENCES. I was too curious about the science of this world, and really wanted to learn more.  This now pushed me into the Computer Technology world. Finally, I completed Secondary School, and had my  G.C.E General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level with passing grades in 7 subjects. This  pushed me to continue High School studies. I spent 3 years studying in the High-School in P.C.H.S-Mankon Bamenda, where I finally graduated with the GCE Advanced level certificate. I passed two subjects, Physics, and Biology with high marks.

Due to some circumstance beyond my control, some family conflicts and some mis-understandings between my parents, it posed hardships and this affected my studies. I enrolled into the University but later dropped out due to my inability to pursue studies. Some spiritual problems, also prevented me from forging ahead. My parents lost a lot of money and had no means to continue to pay for my education.

The only option I had was to enroll in Computer Professional Institution, to learn a carrier. I went to Paul’s Computer Institute in Bamenda city, where I studied computer sciences for a period of 15 months. The first three months was for Software programs, and then the last 12 months for Hardware maintenance and electronics. I did perfectly well here, and at the end of the training, I knew how to repair Computers of all kinds, and also how to navigate the internet.

It has always been my habit and a hobby making Pen-pals and friends from around the world.  With the help of the internet, I connected with many social network sites. Today, I have a lot of friends around the world.

I had traveled with some of my friends out of my country Cameroon to other African countries for tourism, e.g I have visited countries like, Nigeria, Chad, Libya, Sudan, Niger, and then western countries like Bangkok, China, Hong Kong, and Macau. During these trips I learned from some harsh experiences, especially in the Libyan Desert where we went for a tour. In the desert you noticed very hot temperatures above 35 degree c. In the night very cold temperatures below 20 degree c. This temperature fluctuation can lead to massive splitting. Many illegal immigrants from West, Central, East, and North Africa loss their lives in this terrible territory. There so many rebels from Chad and Niger that hide in huge mountains and wait for people to pass by to  steal their belongings, e.g. food, water, money, camels, cars, like 4wd land cruisers, etc. When a truck carrying illegal immigrants passes by in the desert or a truck brakes down, the WORST things will happen. People will eat all their food, drink all their water, then due to thirst and hunger, they start buying one another URINE with money only to drink and survive the adverse desert conditions. Some will deliberately kill their camels in order to get water.

God is so powerful, the way HE created the camel. A camel drinks water today and then  after 2 months will start feeling thirsty. This is so wonderful. So when people get frustrated in the desert, they will kill a big camel, and extract water from it’s huge stomach to drink, and the eat the camel. It is not a Welcoming experience !!!!!!!!!

Some American & Europeans tourist too get lost in the deserts. They were most likely killed by rebels to collect their Euros and Dollars. If you survive that territory, then you have just come out from hell on Earth. Ahahahahaha !

I hope you enjoyed this first part of my story. Look for Part 2 soon.




About beatguy3

My warmest regards to everyone. My name is Dr. Beat C. Abongia. I am an open and a social person from one black African nation Cameroon. I am a Researcher on African Natural plants (Healing Herbs) for both "Slimming" & "Cleansing". I am 34years old, and I do that believe that, I am honest, sincere, smart, and like creating new friendship around the world only with serious-minded people. If you're really suffering from OBESITY, you need to quickly see me!!!! I have very powerful natural African herbs, that acts like a laxative, and at the same time a fat burner & cleanser. My products name in my dialect "Efouh-firi" has the capabilities of making one loose 2kgs-3kgs in a week, thereby reducing excess fats and Cholesterol in the body. I have been to China twice for testing these products, and they are fit for human consumption. Also Women suffering from infertility, who needs to properly clean their FALLOPIAN TUBES and the Uterine walls, should not fail to contact me. Thanks a lot for reading through my profiles. You are blessed as you have just read, just click now to contact me, thanks.
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4 Responses to STORY OF MY LIFE ~ Part 1

  1. I just love reading your blogs, Beat. Keep bring the great material to your blog site and I am sure you will get many followers. Best always, Debi

    • beatguy3 says:

      Yes ofcourse, i still have so many greater stories, that the world will read and be very surprised. Lol.. I have experienced things that, even half of my generation will NOT be ready to go through that.. My life stories is to give hopes, to the hopeless, Courage to the most descouraged, dream to the dreamless ones, Ambition to the non-ambitious ones..& what have you etc..

  2. annmoses says:

    Very powerful story. You wrote this story in such great detail perfect! I love all of it but what jumped out at me was this and I quote: “God is so powerful, the way HE created the camel. A camel drinks water today and then after 2 months will start feeling thirsty. This is so wonderful. So when people get frustrated in the desert, they will kill a big camel, and extract water from it’s huge stomach to drink, and the eat the camel. It is not a Welcoming experience !!!!!!!!!” I look forward to reading more.

  3. annmoses says:

    Very interesting and encouraging story. I must say that you are giving hope to many all around the world. This a blessing to read the courage and ambition that you had to make the changes you needed to for your life. My hats go off to you my brother. Keep doing what you are doing!

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